Consumer Debt Management

The Exchange Trust SPI for consumer debt management is the Flag Ship product for consumer services. It is a tool for law firms, credit providers (retail, commercial or other), debt counselors and debt mediators to manage their client's debt management programs.

The SPI allow s for the registration of an individual client on the SPI as well as the Creditors of the individual. A payment distribution program is agreed with the Creditors and the over indebted individual can after this agreement is reached settle its creditors through the Exchange Trust SPI. 


The aim of this module is to ensure a regular repayment cycle to creditors who would otherwise have to spend significantly on debt recovery programs and/or resort to writing off the bad debt. The Exchange Trust SPI, removes control from the debtor over an voluntary agreed portion of his/her earnings.


This control is handed over to the Exchange Trust SPI who receives the agreed sum of money and distributes the payment to the creditors under a standing order payment instruction.